Landscape Design

Flanagan’s Landscape offers many ways to transform your yard into a striking and usable space with which to add to the living area of a home. The weather in San Diego County is ideal for spending time out-of-doors all year. Between mild temperatures and an abundance of sunny days, many residents find themselves relaxing or entertaining outside. At Flanagan’s Landscape our goal is to make the yard your “favorite room in the house.”

We provide a full landscaping design, one which adds both beauty and utility to your yard. Lush plants, flowering shrubs and climbing vines are all great ways to decorate an outdoor space. But Ian Flanagan knows there are other ways to enhance your yard, making it welcoming and relaxing.

Water features, such as fountains, add a very calming feel to a landscaped area, and can add a lusher ambiance to even the driest of climates. Well-placed landscape lighting allows you to use your outdoor space late into the evening and provides a dramatic accent to the yard. Ian Flanagan has years of experience with designing the entire outdoor space, including features which will turn an ordinary backyard into the neighborhood showpiece.

At Flanagan’s Landscape, we understand that everyone has a vision of what their ideal yard would look like. It is our goal to fulfill that dream while taking our understanding of climate, irrigation and plant maintenance into account. Our mission is to give you a yard that is as beautiful in the years to come as it is the day we install it.