Irrigation Installation and Repair

Having spent his whole life in the San Diego area, Ian Flanagan knows the importance of irrigation. It’s the difference between gorgeous landscaping and barren land. With an average rainfall of just 9-13 inches annually, residents of San Diego must have a fail-safe irrigation plan in place to ensure the health of their plants. This shouldn’t mean, however, that they should have to break the bank buying water. Flanagan’s Landscape can provide a plan which makes the most out of the precipitation as well as a smart plan for the months where there is none.

When designing an irrigation and drainage system, you must first study both the individual needs of the plants and trees in the yard as well as the soil. Ian Flanagan has a broad understanding of all varieties of flora and fauna as well the various soil types in San Diego County – from the often foggy coastal regions to the hot, dry inland areas. Knowing the exact soil conditions is imperative as it will determine the feeding and hydration needs of the plants and trees in your yard. It also will change how and when the area drains after rainfall or irrigation watering.

Your drainage system need not simply siphon leftover water into the street. Re-cycling the moisture to be used for future watering is something the folks at Flanagan’s Landscape encourage. One of the most exciting advances in residential irrigation is rainwater harvesting. Getting the most out of what Mother Nature provides is an excellent way to conserve water and save money at the same time.

Ian Flanagan has been studying and planning rainwater harvesting for years. In today’s day and age, all of us need to put serious thought into conservation which is why he is certified in designing and building systems which capture, store and re-use rainwater. Implementing a system today means a cost to you, but the savings for both your wallet and the water supply in the future are priceless. A single inch of rain on one acre of land translates to 27,000 gallons of water. Rather than allowing this windfall to run down the drain, imagine if you could collect the water and use it when the dry months come around!

Flanagan’s Landscape can show you a way to cut way down on your water bills and still have the yard you’ve always dreamed about.