About Us

Ian Flanagan, owner/operator of Flanagan’s Landscape Co. lives in Poway, California with his wife and two college-aged children. Originally from La Jolla, Ian has always enjoyed the outdoors. He began his career as a tree expert and continues to offer his expertise in this area. When he decided to branch off into landscape design, he attended college courses, learning how to create drought-resistant, hardy landscapes which were designed to thrive in the San Diego climate. Today, he uses his finely tuned skills in both areas to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces.

San Diego in known for having many “microclimates” within the county – everything from damp, coastal regions to hot, dry mountainous ones. With decades of experience working in the area, Flanagan’s Landscape is well-versed in designing eye-catching yards and gardens which will thrive year-round and serve as a feast for all the senses you have.